Notre Dame is offering a free online class on Roman architecture

The Eternal City has a voice. This class will help you hear it. Tourists and pilgrims are equally awestruck upon witnessing the glory of Rome. The city’s ancient architecture allows each building to stand as a masterful monument to the past, but while the artistry of each individual structure may speak to us, the city […]

LaeLar start-up offers online classes at affordable prices

The job market is becoming more competitive and challenging. It is difficult to get a senior-level position with just a single degree. You could take extra language or business classes, but either you don’t have enough free time or the class hours are inconvenient. If only there was a way you could “LaeLar” (which means […]

#CareerBytes: Why are online-classes better than coaching for UPSC preparation?

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), also known as the IAS exam, is one of the most challenging competitive exams but one can crack it with the right preparation. While there are a number of institutes available for IAS coaching, online preparation classes are gaining popularity as the preferred choice of many aspirants. Here are […]

Global Classroom: How 65,000 Teachers Are Teaching Over Half A Million Chinese Students Online

Cindy Mi with Todd Rose and Melina UncapherTOM VANDER ARK Who teaches as many students as the Los Angeles Unified School District and has on its platform as many teachers as New York City? A China-based global education technology startup valued at over $3 billion. VIPKid is an online classroom where more than 500,000 mostly Chinese […]

Tech professor’s book on international online education published

In 2014, Dr. Kirk St.Amant, professor and Eunice C. Williamson Endowed Chair of Technical Communication at Louisiana Tech, and colleague Dr. Rich Rice of Texas Tech were talking about their experiences teaching students from around the world in their online classes, a conversation that morphed into the collaborative project of a book that would take […]